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Some of mentioned next may be legacy software nowadays


A large-transactions transfer desktop app to be used by local Banks.

Knowledge acquired?

To handle bulk data and schedule tasks using cron expression and jobs.


A tire vulcanizer for trucks and trailers web app.

Knowledge acquired?

Built using Vue JS 2.x for the first time, i18n library and how to construct Single-Page Application (SPA)


Accessible dev environment

Kaz WiFi HotSpot

Manage access, time, and browsing speed of customers in your business


This is the first solution in my adventure as an entrepreneur.
So far we support Mikrotik routers.

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You Don’t Need Expensive Mobile Apps

We have developed a product that offers different applications. Within this, we have built solutions that we have called Micro Apps aimed at different targets such as artists, education, business, etc.

Develapp Fan Club App EdLink BudLink

Aguas de San Pedro is a member company of the Italian consortium "ACEA Group". ASP is dedicated to treating, administering, and distributing drinking water in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

It is one of the companies I have most enjoyed contributing to due to its direct and instant benefit to the city I live in and because we almost start from scratch. I built and contributed for seven years to various internal desktop apps, rest services, and mobile apps. It helped me gain experience at different ERP modules, to list some: Inventory, Accounting, Budget, Invoicing, Health, Finances.


ASP Móvil

A tailor-made solutions and services company committed to strengthening the IT services for companies outsourcing their departments.


While at the company, I covered four companies: Tobacco Processing (TAHSA), Food Processing (Chiquita Brands), ASP(mentioned above), and a Law firm. I had the opportunity to develop Human Resources software, Retail, Reporting Services, and Windows Mobile applications.