Software Engineer

Dublin, Ireland | San Pedro Sula, Honduras

16:54:04 PM UTC


David has been working for over ten years as a software developer, focusing mainly on business applications such as ERPs and CRMs. His background includes development for desktop applications, API services, web apps, and some mobile applications.

During his career, he has learned numerous programming tools such as .Net and Javascript ecosystems and each roadmap, as well as worked using SQL Server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB for Non-SQL BDs.

Since 2016, he fell in love with the JavaScript roadmap and gained experience in back-end and front-end frameworks and libraries.

His favorite quote, “Lifelong Learning” becoming a lifestyle, David spends his spare time browsing the internet and looking around for updates on the tools he works with and better practices and standards to improve his job.

He also shows interest in being up-to-date on different topics such as politics, climate, science, social conflicts, and tech around the globe.

Despite the above, time spent among trees is never wasted time, his favorite hobbies are photography, trips, and trails.